Saturday, December 13, 2014

Post Card Prompt Gift Vouchers

Do you have a friend or loved one who is longing for a postcard from a far away place —
with a pearl of wisdom contained within or a simple 'wish you were here!'

Or perhaps it is you who would like to receive some delightful reminders in the post!

Gift Vouchers for Post Card Prompts are now available for Xmas.

All you have to do is order four post cards here  — total cost inc postage ($25AUD)

and send me a message here with your friend's name and postal address

telling me

how often you want each of your four post cards to arrive — weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.

and whether you want a

writing prompt
cheer-me-up prompt
anti-procrastination prompt
wish-you-were here message
haiku poem prompt
line from a famous novel prompt
writing tip
life tip
romance tip
or prompt of your own choice

don't forget to let me know if you want your name to appear on the post card or if you wish your gift to remain anonymous.

and Bob's your Uncle!

Sit back and wait for their response.

The postcards we use for Postcard Prompts are lovingly sourced here.

Postcard Prompts is brought to you by Writer's Journey - heading for Temple Dreaming in Angkor Wat, March 9-15, 2015.
On signing up for Postcard Prompts will also receive a free e Book - Avoidance Busters Manual and subscription to the Writers Journey mailing list.