Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How it works

Does nobody send you letters any more? Do you long for a post card to arrive from an exotic location, with foreign stamps and airmail stickers, with a pearl of wisdom written in sloping illegible handwriting that somehow lifts your mood, puts a skip in your step and makes you believe you can do all the things you want to do?!

Help is at hand!

All you have to do is order four post cards here  — total cost inc postage ($25AUD)

and send me a message here

telling me

how often you want each of your four post cards to arrive — weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.

and whether you want a

writing prompt
cheer-me-up prompt
anti-procrastination prompt
wish-you-were here message
haiku poem prompt
line from a famous novel prompt
writing tip
life tip
romance tip
or prompt of your own choice

and Bob's your Uncle!

Sit back and wait for your PCP to arrive

Just remember: a watched letter box never delivers!

PS. postcard arrival may be subject to certain variables, such as unseasonal wind storms, rising sea levels and human lassitude (in the postal service, not in me, one hopes).
Send complaints in writing to Santa Claus c/o The North Pole.

PPS. if you get addicted to this you can order more than four, like a double order, but let's not jump the gun, lets see how we go with four to start with.

PPPS. you can order as a gift for a friend (or an enemy). Just let me know the name and address of the lucky person, and I will send you a postcard to let you know it has all gone ahead.

PPPPS. extra charge for postcard prompts sent by pigeon and no money money back guarantee if the pigeon goes home instead of delivering (lassitude again).

Postcard Prompts is brought to you by Writer's Journey - heading for Morocco Nov 6-19, 2014.
On signing up for Postcard Prompts will also receive a free e Book - Avoidance Busters Manual and subscription to the Writers Journey mailing list.